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Any Bin Size

Any Bin Type

Any Bin Site

Simpler, Faster, Smarter

Wireless Grain Bin Temperature Monitoring and Control for any site using your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Cellular* access

Simpler - check the temperature of your most important asset anywhere at anytime.

Faster - get real-time notifications/alerts with rising temperatures

Smarter - protecting your crops 24/7 without the manual readings

Grain Bin Temperatures Readings Anytime, Anywhere from your Smartphone or Computer!


14 Pin connectorPanel

Interface to Tri-State® or Boone thermocouple type T temperature cable

How Our CheckItNow-Internet Works

With the use of our remote wireless device (RWD) you are able to CheckItNow. This is an internet temperature monitoring and control system that operates in harsh environments from -40°F to +185°F and runs on battery power (approximate 14yrs @ 2 tx/day) or AC. The RWD does not require special equipment, just use any internet access and you have full control. When accessing your computer or SmartPhone you will know the current temperature and control status of your site right away. You can program the High/Low alarm set point and when or if it reaches this set point it will send you an e-mail or text message. You can add additional units to monitor other areas. You can graph the temperature readings or export to an excel spreadsheet.

With your membership agreement we will keep the RWD system up-to-date. When technology changes we will replace the unit at no extra cost.

Made in the USA.

Replace your hand held device with wireless

Interface to OPI integris® Series StorMax cables (Digital)photo of digital female plug

Remote Wireless Device (CheckItNow-Internet)

Thermocouple TC or RTD

Interface to Tri-State® or Boone thermocouple type T temperature cables

Thermocouple (TC-OW)

On Line Fan Control

Add fan control to your system

Learn more about (SSR-OW)

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Manufactured by: Range Data Inc. Tower, MN